Canada’s Task Force on Financial Literacy released its report to the federal Minister of Finance , recommending that a national strategy be put in place immediately to strengthen the financial literacy of Canadians.

The action plan recommended by the Task Force reflects the views and priorities of the population. It is a concrete, achievable and affordable plan based on five priority pillars:

  • shared responsibility,
  • leadership and collaboration,
  • continuous learning,
  • delivery and promotion of financial literacy, and
  • accountability.

The report presents 30 detailed recommendations, designed to meet the diverse needs of Canadians by advocating for formal classroom instruction, integrating financial literacy into federal government programs, and creating a centralized literacy website. financial support, the dissemination of clear messages and public awareness.

The Task Force strongly believes that financial literacy is essential to the prosperity of Canadians and the country. By enhancing their knowledge, skills and self-confidence, Canadians will be able to make responsible financial decisions, achieve their personal goals, improve their quality of life, and enhance Canada’s competitiveness.