How the Task Force developed its recommendations

To meet its mandate, the Task Force drew on what it heard from Canadians, on research it reviewed or commissioned, and on its review of international best practices.

In February 2010, the Task Force published a comprehensive consultation document, Leveraging Excellence – Charting a course of action to strengthen financial literacy in Canada. It identified questions designed to engage Canadians on important financial literacy issues.

During a 12-week public consultation period, members of the Task Force travelled in small teams to communities in every province and territory, meeting face-to-face with 175 individuals and organizations and hearing first-hand about their views, values and experiences. The Task Force received and reviewed more than 300 submissions.

What We Heard – a summary of the main themes and suggestions from the public consultations – was published in September 2010.

To read more about the Task Force’s public consultations, or to read about the presentations, submissions and comments it received, see the Consulting with Canadians section of the site.

Research reports

The Task Force reviewed a wide range of existing research on financial literacy, and also commissioned research.