Research Reports

  • Aboriginal Financial Literacy in Canada: Issues and Directions
  • Behavioural Economics Perspectives: Implications for Policy and Financial Literacy
  • Case Studies of International Financial Education Initiatives
  • Economic Research Using Laboratory Experiments to Investigate Behavioural Aspects of Savings Decisions
  • Financial Literacy: A Conceptual Review
  • Financial Literacy and 21st Century Skills
  • Financial Literacy and the Canadian Credit Counselling Services Industry
  • Financial Literacy and the Take-up of Government Benefits
  • Initial Findings from the 2009 Canadian Financial Capability Survey
  • Money Management on a Shoestring: A Critical Literature Review of Financial Literacy & Low-income People
  • Retirement Preparedness and Individual Decision Making: Implications for Canada
  • The Trouble with Consumer Credit: Literacy Considerations and Policy Implications
  • Understanding Financial Capability in Canada: Analysis of the CFCS

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